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  • Plucka has been a great help to us in finding suppliers that we need for projects and products required for our business. Being able to post a quote on Plucka then allows us to get on with the day to day running of the operation while the offers appear automatically in our dashboard, it is a huge time saver. I have been able to easily find products and suppliers that were otherwise difficult and time consuming to find. It is a great tool for benchmarking as well. We would recommend Plucka to any company that needs to get quotes for their business.
    Mark Cutting - Factory Manager Leeton, Bradflo
  • Very helpful with finding suppliers which are needed for our business. The Buying Requests help by saving a lot time searching for the things our business needs. We are also able to market our business and find new sales opportunities.
    Dennis Ferreira, Bitzer Australia
  • Great place to market your business and generate more sales. We also use Plucka to help find new suppliers and also benchmark our current suppliers to make sure we are getting the best possible deals.
    Paul Podetti, Quality Air Equipment Pty Ltd

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